The Creation of this Blog Started From Me, Mozart.

Not only am I the creator of this blog but I am also one of the top editors, alongside my companion Mia. We call on many feline experts to help us with this blog such as veterinarians and behaviorists who know more about… cats!

The Catspad blog is a space where you can learn more on how to better understand and take care of us felines. It is also a Blog that discusses animal protection, because we know what it means to be abandoned… and by chance, adopted.

Catspad, the Felinist Blog

To tell you the truth, the origins of this blog come from a start-up company in Toulouse, Catspad. Catspad has teamed up with veterinarians and animal health specialists to design a connected food and water dispenser. The mastermind behind this, me again!

In fact, I was lucky enough to be adopted by my mistress, Julie. It was after a small mishap between us that the Catspad adventure begun. Years ago, Julie was forced to cut her vacation short, in fear that I might be dehydrated since her friend who was taking care of me had fallen ill. It is from this setback that the idea of the first connected food and water dispenser was born, an innovation in the service of our health.

The Catspad dispenser is designed to keep us healthy, a concern that all cat owners have for their pets. So if you don’t know Catspad yet, check it out here.

Our Values
The foundation of Catspad is the drive to innovate in order to propose solutions that will improve our well-being and happiness, as well as that of our humans.
In order for the values of Catspad to be widely spread, our team has decided to create a Blog prioritizing topics about animal health and welfare. This is the beginning of a new adventure, thank you for being part of it!

We Need you!

In order for this Blog to be successful, we need to know what topics you are interested in, in order to ask our editors to look into them. So feel free to contact us to tell us what we should focus on.

If you are a cat expert, or know people who are and would be willing to participate in this blog, feel free to contact us too. We look forward to your messages!