Cat trees

Who has never found her cat comfortably seated on the table of the living room, on top of the fridge, or like in my house, the middle of the superb coat rack of the entrance? Cats obviously like heights!

Thanks to her claws and flexibility, they are perfectly equipped to work in trees where they find secure shelter from their terrestrial predators. Moreover, from their perches, they have an ideal view to spot potential prey and jump on it by surprise.

Granted, in our homes, there is no need to protect oneself from a hungry fox, or be on the lookout to hunt for food. However the instinct remains present and heights are perfect places to rest peacefully and observe the activity of the whole household.

In order to satisfy their need and avoid sharing your furniture with your feline friend, the best solution lies in the installation of specially dedicated wall with shelves and a well located cat tree.

But I have a cat tree!” You might say. Although this may be true, if he is 45 cm tall and/or breaks every time the cat climbs on it, it is understandable why she would prefer your desk!

The cat tree must be, at best, similar to… a tree!

It must therefore be tall, with a minimum height of 1m50, as well as stable and solid.

The coating doesn’t matter, but it has to have several platforms at different levels and large enough to allow the cat to lie down. Cats also like to be in an enclosed space, you have surely already seen a cat fall in love in a small shoe box. If the platforms have edges, cats will appreciate even more.
They also love round stable hammocks. It’s supple and fits their body perfectly. Warning, hammocks hung at both ends are less appreciated by cats because of their great instability that does not allow the cat to react quickly in case of danger.

Some cats also like to hide, think about cats that love to sneak under a blanket. Thus, it is important to choose a cat tree with a hiding place.

Mya the cat on her cat tree

The majority of cat trees offer scratching posts. If they are big and stable enough to allow your cat to stretch while baring its claws, you will have also found the solution to scratches on the couch!

Moreover, if you live with several cats, heights are essential. Cats are solitary hunters. If many are comfortable living with one or more congeners, they need a larger living space. By offering them wall shelves and cat trees, you expand their space and offer them more rest, safety and observation posts. The cat seeks comfort and well-being above all and if you offer several spaces of living and comfort for your cats, you will also limit their fights over the cozy cushion near the window.

In order to further limit confrontations, always choose a cat tree whose highest part offers at least two exit points. This way, if one of your cats wants to chase the other out of this particular place, it will allow the other to escape without having to pass the first one. He will be able to risk going there more often, whereas if there is only one way out, he may simply decide never to go there. You can apply the same principle to the shelves fixed to the walls and arrange them in a pyramid with two accesses.


The location of the cat tree is also very important. If you place it in a dark corner or in a hallway, it will be of no interest to your cat because she appreciates being at the center of the activity, in order to observe everything. So your sitting table or bookshelf full of trinkets will be much more strategic for her.

Choose a place that will allow your cat to have a view of the living room and especially the entrance. If you can place it next to a window or a bay window, this is ideal! This way your cat can see everything going on in the room and also enjoy a view of the outside. Try it out: if after a few days, your cat never climbs on her cat tree, it is because the location is not suitable. Change and place the tree near a place your cat loves.

For wall shelves, cats will often appreciate them above the sofa or close to the places where you stay. There are also hammocks with suction pads on the windows that cats love!

In order to maximize your cat’s interest in these new spaces, deposit cat grass and treats.

Today, there are many models of cat trees and facilities specially designed for our feline friends. Handymen can be inspired by the internet and even find tutorials that will allow them to proudly build their own model perfectly adapted to their decoration and the specific needs of their cats.

Those who are unable to afford cat trees can also divert everyday objects, like simple shelves, and turn them into special spaces dedicated to their feline companions. Here too, the internet is a good basis for ideas. I’ve even seen models made from cardboard!

The designers also looked at the issue and we now find art-deco models that perfectly fit into a modern living room. For some installations, it is impossible to say at first glance that it is special cat furniture cat!

It is thus possible to meet the needs of your cat while respecting your lifestyle and allowing you both to live in harmony.

Now all you have to do is find the right installation that will fit with your interior and bring well-being and happiness to your cat!

An article by Joanna Lagarrigue, from Educhateur.