Connected cats: innovation trends

2.0. innovations are an integral part of our lives. Some connected objects are designed especially for cats. Have a look at a selection of five connected devices for your cat.


  • Self-cleaning litter box

It’s a daily chore… cleaning your cat’s litter box before she goes to…. on the beautiful carpet in the living room! Be aware that there are self-cleaning litter boxes available on the market. Their innovative technique automatically separates soiled litter from clean litter. Thus, after each cat visit, a cleaning cycle takes over to keep a healthy place.

Thanks to its application, you will receive a notification to warn you that it is now time to empty the waste drawer. You can also closely monitor certain health parameters like the weight and the number and length of time your cat has been hanging out.

This type of innovation makes it possible to monitor the well-being of your animal and to detect some health issues, in particular urinary disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.


  • Connected cat flap

It’s easy … using a cat flap is a useful accessory when your cat has access to the outdoors. It allows her to go back and forth (house – garden) without needing a human presence to open the door. Thus, your cat makes her life independently.

Some cat flaps are connected to an app where you can see in real time if your cat is inside your home. Other functionalities can be implemented, such as the installation of a curfew with the setting of entry and exit times. You can monitor her activity as well as the time spent outdoors.

It is important to know that this innovation can only work if the cat has a microchip. Note that in France, since December 20, 2020, a decree sanctioned owners who have not identified their cat born after January 1, 2012. This may incur a fine of up to 750 euros.



  • Camera with the connected toys

The camera is a very useful accessory to watch out what your pet is doing during the day. Thanks to its app, you can communicate, send treats remotely and even play with your cat!

A camera can be linked to electronic toys. This activity is a real health asset since it is important that your cat is mentally and physically stimulated.


  • The GPS collar with activity tracker

The GPS collar is useful when your cat has access to the outdoors. The small box has a geolocation chip that allows you to accurately track your pet’s position on a map.

The application gives you the possibility to create an authorized walking area thanks to an anti-escape system but also to educate him to recall with a ringtone and vibrations. You can also view their activity level (distance traveled and time spent sleeping and playing).


  • The connected feeder

The connected feeder allows you to manage your cat’s daily meals remotely using a mobile application. You can program several amounts of food in a day and thus maintain your animal in good health and take care of her weight control.

The monitoring of consumption makes it possible to detect changes or abnormal dietary habits and at the same time to prevent certain urinary, endocrine and metabolic diseases.


In short, connected objects are real assistants for cat lovers. They make our life easier and allow us to take better care of our 2.0 cats.


An article by Céline Taphaléchat.