How to play with your cat

How to play with your cats and why it’s important for their well-being

All cats (almost) like playing! When they do not purr on the edge of a sunny window or in their nice cozy basket, pursuing  a prey is one of their favorite activity. It’s just part of their nature. Thus, cats can play alone, but they prefer to do so with a friend. It’s much more fun! Know how to play with your cat, and find out how it’s beneficial to her well-being

Make your cat a happy cat!

The happiness of a cat – since that’s what it’s all about – is not just about the food and the environment that is offered to her. She also needs a harmonious relationship with those around her. What’s better than interaction, and especially interactive play to reinforce this link? By playing with your cat, you can give her the time and attention she needs.

Moreover, these games, which are both fun and physical, allow your cat to remain slim and to release the negative energy or even their truculence.

Moreover, for these small cats, all these play sessions are a great way to stimulate their instinct. Yes! As sweet as is our kitty, its remains a hunter who enjoys challenges, prosecution … When playing with your cat, it will adopts strategies to surprise, hiding, attacking at the right time, etc. until the triumph! That is to say: when it manages to capture the “prey”. Believe it or not, this is a victory!

Finally, for a little fearful fur balls, playing with them out of their quiet reserved side.

Here are some ideas for playing with your cat. Ten minutes a day is enough! However, you can enjoy good times together in that short amount of time. Here are some ways to have fun with your cat or kitten:

Hide and Seek
Classic, certainly, but it’s a guarantee when you want to have fun with your cat. All you need is a little toy, a feather, a bell, which is shown to and hidden immediately under a sheet or a rug. Clinging to a string on which to draw, the toy becomes a prey!

Lights and laser
The cat loves to play with the light beams. How to do? Get a flashlight or a laser pointer pen, for example. Your cat will jump, hunt, wiggle in all directions to try to catch the light. Nothing complicated, and yet this will make her so happy. A variation is to entertain him with bubbles. They float in the air and make a funny noise when they burst.

Mouse and birds
Not real ones of course! These are a cat’s favorite playmates. So, we use creativity with a toy that mimics a mouse or a bird. We install small tunnels, cardboxes in the corners to hide them and create a small course. They can make subtle movements – as if they were trying to dodge the cat – with changes of direction and speed, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, the cat will love it.

A ball of paper, a crumpled newspaper, a used paper bag that is thrown in the air, rolled on the ground, scratching … And here you go! The best way to attract the curiosity of your cat and make her do some exercises.

Our last tips

  • Having some accessories on hand is still necessary for the game to be really fun. Without having to spend money all the time, just use the cat toys you already have. That is to say do not take them all out at the same time! With a dose of imagination, you can also turn anything into a fun toy.
  • Watch out for strings and cords, a cat can hurt herself if she plays alone with this type of object. So, we keep a benevolent eye on them!
  • When you play with your cat, you have to let her win, but not too easily. Then, you can reward her. However, it is better not to overuse food treats.
    Finally, if she does not want to play, there is no point in forcing your cat to play. Your cat has the right to have a rest from time to time!

An article by Mya and Mozart