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Claire Bessant, Chief Executive International Cat Care

Claire Bessant has been Managing Director of International Cat Care for over 20 years. International Cat Care aims to improve the well-being of all cats, whether or not they have an owner. Fighting the breeding of cats that have undergone genetic mutations, and proposing ethical solutions for managing stray cat populations are some of the issues on which the organization is working. Claire, being passionate about this fascinating animal, has written many books about cats. She works on solutions based on her knowledge and understanding of the species, in order to best help all cats in any circumstances.


                                         Stéphane Cluseau, Veterinarian

Born in 1981 in Toulouse, Stéphane Cluseau works as a veterinary doctor. After graduating high school at Lycée Pierre de Fermat (Toulouse) and then from National Veterinary School of Toulouse, he worked for ten years in the Charente-Limousine as a veterinary practitioner for a variety of animals (dogs, cats, horses,cows, sheep, etc.). Having returned to his native Toulouse roots in 2016, he now works in Haute-Garonne as a mixed veterinary practitioner (pets and livestock) and as a veterinarian expert in insurance and forensic expert at the Court of Justice of Toulouse. Owner of a Newfoundland dog, Elliot, and no fewer than five cats, he has a particular affinity towards felines. He likes to spend time and experiences with them as well as with their humans.


Jean-Yves Gauchet, Veterinarian

Jean-Yves Gauchet is a veterinarian in Toulouse who is specialized in natural medicines. He is also the scientific editor of the journal “Effervesciences” in which he revealed for the first time the therapeutic effects of purring. It has gained both acclaim and great media coverage thanks to its concept of “ronronthérapy” (Purring Therapy).



Séverine Laforce, Veterinarian

Séverine Laforce has been an exclusively feline veterinarian for 8 years at the LC Vet Clinic in Strasbourg. It is her pleasure to take care every day of the French’s favorite animal and to have it better understood by owners and veterinarians alike. By being a co-founder member of the GRIF (Group of Reflection and Feline Interest), Séverine joins forces with other cat veterinarians to share our experiences in reaching the ultimate goal: the happiness of cats.


Joanna Lagarrigue, Educhateur

Joana Lagarrigue has worked in the animal field for ten years. First a dog behavior specialist, she created a pet sitting company and then joined the Educhateur team as a cat behavior and cat behavior speaker. She thus contributes to the dream of Educhateur to see one day a world where the vast majority of people will understand their cats and their needs in order to live in harmony with them.


Maggie Roberts, Director of Veterinary Services Cats Protection

Maggie Roberts graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1986. She first worked in private pet clinics, where she developed a keen interest in cat medicine. She was appointed as Cats Protection Chief Veterinary Officer in 1997, eventually becoming the organization’s Director of Veterinary Services, who is responsible for cat health, welfare, and sterilization programs. Her professional interests are refuge medicine and control of the feline population, and she is a founding member of the Association of Charity Vets. In 2013, she received the JA Wight Award (aka James Herriot) for her outstanding contributions to pet welfare. She has an adopted cat, Frankie.


Mya and Mozart

Mya and Mozart are our two editor cats. Their contribution is invaluable to us because they are also real experts in their field: cat news and curiosities.